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Slow Flow Yoga Classes - 16.05.24 - 20.06.24

Join our CA and yoga teacher Sarah for 75 minutes of relaxation and nourishment for your mind and body. 

With a focus on nervous system regulation and embodied practice, each session will provide:

  • pranayama (yogic breathing);

  • gentle, mindful movement;

  • guided meditation (such as yoga nidra);

  • a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment to connect with yourself and others. 

Suitable for all ages and experience levels.

Sessions run on Thursdays at 6.45pm on the following dates:

  • 16 May

  • 23 May

  • 30 May

  • 6 June

  • 13 June

  • 20 June

*Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, and any other props that benefit your practice. 


*"Padma" is Sanskrit for the sacred lotus flower which is symbolic in yogic philosophy for rebirth, as it grows out of the mud before blossoming in beauty above the surface of the water.

Click on the image for tickets and more information.

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Sacred Women's Business Circle - 24.5.24

Join us each month as we come together to connect to ourselves and with each other as we nourish our mind, body and soul.

With grounding meditations, heart-opening cacao ceremony and somatic body work practices to help you drop into your body and connect with your heart and soul desires - this is the time and space you desire to fully nourish and care for yourself.

May is a time to slow down, listen and take a moment to breathe in the fullness of life. It is a time for grounding ourselves in the present moment and embracing the journey, no matter where it takes us.

The full moon will be in Sagittarius and reminds us to trust our inner voice and let go of external sources of validation. Don't let fear of the unknown stop you from taking risks and following a deeper calling. Utilise the energy of this full moon to expand your understanding of life by embracing your inner guidance and trusting that there is more to life than what your mind can comprehend.

Give yourself permission to soften, feel and explore all of who you are whilst being held in a safe, sacred space with women in circle. Allow yourself to be seen, heard and welcomed for all that you are.

Click on the image for tickets and more information.

Empowered Pregnancy - 25.05.24

Join Bec from All Heart Hypnobirthing, Chiropractors Dr. Janice and Dr. Katie from the Spine Studio and Donna from Halcyon Wellness and we take you through:


- Hypnobirthing tips and techniques to help create a positive and aligned birthing experience, what you can be doing NOW!

- Understanding the physical and mental changes that occur during pregnancy.

- The importance of supporting our nervous system and how that can play out during birth.

- Bringing alignment to your pelvis with optimal positioning

- Specific birthing positions we can use to help optimize the space in the pelvis for birth

This workshop is designed for you AND your birthing Partner as they to will learn how to support you during your pregnancy and will learn some great body work tips! 

This workshop is suitable for every trimester of your pregnancy, these tips and techniques will be able to guide you whether you are 13 weeks or 35 weeks!

Click on the image for tickets and more information.

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