April Full Moon Circle - 26.04.21


Each month, Dr. Ash Jones from the Spine Studio invites you to join us for a Full Moon circle. This is a space where we will check in with ourselves, find nourishment and find time to just sit with what is going on individually. Each month, and each moon, will have a different focus. 

April is all about figuring out how we like to receive love and show love to those around us by diving into our love languages. We will explore how you can make receiving love a nourishing experience and facilitate that behaviour in those around you, whether it be romantically, platonically or universally.


Join us as we continue to connect into the energy around us at our monthly Full Moon Circles.


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The Art of Self Appreciation - 10.05.21

Pushing ourselves to be the best version we can be is a great asset. However, there is a fine line between self encouragement and beating up on yourself.


Learning to recognise when self destructive thoughts are getting the better of us and how to take back control of toxic beliefs means we can flip them into empowering habits that results in us consistently feeling good and achieving more of what we want.

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Presented by Ze Winters from TOP Minds. 


May Full Moon Circle - 24.05.21


Are you feeling unbalanced, out of exchange, and like there are too many things going on in life?


May is all about finding harmony in your life, to be able to give attention to where is aligns with your values and nourishes your needs. We will explore how you can have more life balance, by acknowledging which parts of your life need more or less of you, and how to feel comfortable in changing priorities.

Join us as we continue to connect into the energy around us at our monthly Full Moon Circles.


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Healing & Healing Expo - 30.05.21

There are so many amazing ways to heal, this expo is all about sharing the multitude of ways to do that.


Supporting and showcasing the fantastic small business community of Perth, join us as we celebrate the holistic way of being.

We are excited to be part of this awesome community event in Joondalup, alongside other amazing healers and small businesses.

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June Full Moon Circle - 28.06.21


Are you wondering where the year is going?


Join us as we reflect on what has been, what is, and what is to come. Often we get to June and think, what? Where has the year gone!


So join us as we take time to reflect on how far we have come, and what we want to action for the rest of the year.

If this is your first full moon circle for the year, please take some time in advance to reflect on any goals you have written down over the last few months as we will be going over our intentions and new rituals for the rest of the year. 

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